About Us

We bought our first 3D printer for hobby in December 2019.  In April 2020 we started to supply to the local GP face shields with 3D printed frames and 3D printed ear savers (mask hoods) for face masks, as a charity activity. At the same time, we started to produce cookie stamps and cookie cutters for our family and friends. They encouraged us to transform this activity in business.


Now, at CosyBloom, we design and manufacture unique and beautiful cookie embosser and outbosser (popup) stamps and cutters for fondant and cookie dough. The embosser stamps and cookie cutters are 3D-printed with high quality PLA, a plant derived bio plastic, whilst the outbosser stamps are laser cut from food safe frosted acrylic.


We spent time and put a lot of effort until we achieved the best results.

Our products are not made only for selling. They have been designed for creation, allowing you to unleash your imagination and be truly creative. It is well that creativity is an incredible powerful tool for healing.